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Twisted Clocks (Clockwork x OC) :iconlockelet:Lockelet 0 0
Feeling in words
Words are a very compelling tool. Words like "love" and "hate" are the most compelling. And people believe these words are different because of their meaning. But in fact I see them as the same thing. I find that before you can love someone you must hate them. And before you can hate someone you must love them. This is what I believe makes our hate great. And our love even greater. So I hope fighters learn to hate so they can love. And dreamers learn to love so they can hate.
:iconlockelet:Lockelet 3 2
Sonnet #2
As the moon shines across it's seas,
All I can hear is her.
The love that I carry highly,
Yet I remain a blur.
Yet I am so close to her,
She reaches for my touch.
So close yet so far from her grasp,
Nearly held by her clutch.
My heart leaps at her warm touch,
Her touch calls out to me.
And her voice speaks her love for me,
Through her touch she can see.
For our love is forever seen,
As our hearts remain free.
With our new future soon to be,
For our future of three.
With our family soon to be,
The beauty of a child.
With a new joy to be set free,
A joy that always smiles.
:iconlockelet:Lockelet 0 0
Sonnet #1
Can you see the monster behind me,
For it hides inside me.
I can hear it cry beside me,
But I hope can't see.
For it's my other half set free,
To bad for you my dear.
Because our monster will stay here,
So please show him no fear.
But do pray and hope that he finds love,
Not because he needs it.
But because he can give them it,
And find a heart that fits.
For the beast will grant our great dream,
And hold our love dearly.
For our children cry nevermore,
He'll guard them sincerely.
Even though he is not of light,
He can guide their way there.
Someday maybe he can find his peace,
For that my love I swear.
:iconlockelet:Lockelet 0 0
Later Phyrra (Phyrra x reader) (Short Verse)
LInk to the Hollywood Undead song Save me;
                                                                                Don't even try to save me tonight.
    The walls built have now shattered around us and were the small handful trying to fight.
                                                                                Don't even try
:iconlockelet:Lockelet 2 0
Riven x Reader Kindred Wounds (Preview)
    She leans against the tree looking at her now distant past. Her Life of self-exile has been a lonely and sad one. Yet her hope, her great dream to bring back the home she once believed in. To end the vile corruption and bring back the glory she had once fought for. She looks longingly at the orange sky, for the spirits to help her on her path.
    She closes her eyes and release her held breath not noticing the presence looming behind her. The presence reaches for her and takes her hand. She jumps as their hands make contact with each others. She turns to meet your figure kneeling before her. You press your lips against her hand. You utter your strongest words.
    "You will never have to be alone anymore. My lady your will is my will, your dreams are my dreams now. You are my home and my hope. My life, and my prayer. I will never allow you to be alone again. My love, I give myself to you."
    Riven's eyes fill with tears
:iconlockelet:Lockelet 2 0
Ahri x Reader My Little Monster (Preview)
    Standing with the moonlight shining over her beautiful frame. her body outlined in it's embrace. Her long white tails gleaming. She walks over to me with her arms extended towards me.
    I just stand there not moving a inches she closes the distance between us. Once she reaches me she wraps her gentle hands around me and pulls us closer. She hold my chest against her chest. Her heart beats peacefully in my ear. She pets my head as she rests hers on mine. The fell of her soft skin sends all my fears and worries away.
    She speaks in a low soft voice,
    "You have suffered so much my little beast. Always so vicious, always so sad. You don't need to hide anymore."
    I close my eyes and fall deeper into her embrace. That night we never left the offers hold even as the eastern sun rose across the horizon.
:iconlockelet:Lockelet 6 8
Blake x Reader Blake's Tree
  Two years have passed since you confessed to Blake. And two years since she accepted you. And toady is the second most important day of my your life. Today was Christmas Eve and you were taking Blake out for a night on the town.
    The night was cool and brisk as a small amount of snow fell. Blake wore a black turtleneck with long black overcoat with dark blue jeans, black boots. I wore basically the same coat and jeans. The only difference is my sneakers, button-up shirt, and crimson scarf. We walk down the main road to the shopping district.
    "Huh... whats the matter Blake are you cold?"
    "No-No I'm fine it's was just a little sneeze."
    "You sure your not cold?"
    "Yeah don't worry about it I'm fine."
    We continued to walk through the crowded streets. Staring at the stores and decorations everywhere. And the numerous other couples celebrating Christmas Eve.
:iconlockelet:Lockelet 2 1


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Chapter 1; Meetings

I wake up to the sound of my phones alarm clock going off.

“Shut the hell up you piece of shit!”

    Great just what I needed on my Saturday morning. Well I'm up now, so what am i going to do now. I decide to put on a pair of jeans a white v-neck and a hoodie with some converse and walk to my jeep. I drive to the local park about 2 miles away from my house. Normally I’d walk but the cool six am wind would freeze my balls off.

I get to the park and park my jeep close to the woods. There’s really no trail along this path to follow only a clearing paved by the trees. 

    I walk for about ten minutes and end up deeper in the woods. The forest seemed quite without any birds chirping. The quiet it makes it seem a little peaceful. Suddenly I hear a scream and a loud bang go off in the distance. It sounds like it’s coming from the trees just ahead.

    I run farther down the path looking for where the scream came from. When a reach a steep hill coming from along side the path I find where I believe where the scream came from.

    I stare down and see a girl with two knives in her hands and three guys. One is on the ground bleeding; I assume he's the screamer. The other two are surrounding her from two sides; one has a gun and the other has a metal bat.

(Shit she's in serious trouble, I gotta do something!)

    I try to think of something quick, but as I do the girl lunges towards the guy with a gun. When she gets close to him she stabs on knife into his stomach, but not before he pulls the trigger and shoots her in the leg. As she reacts to the bullet going into her leg she jams the second knife into his forehead killing him. She ripped both the knives when the guy with the bat bashes her on the back of the head. She stumbles forward wobbling side to side as she turns to face the guy with a bat. The guy then charges at her with a full swing ready, the girl tries to charge at him to she manages to slam the a knife into his neck killing the guy before he could swing. The girl is standing still and breathing heavily as blood slips down her leg and hair. Then suddenly she falls to the ground.

    As she falls to the ground i slid down the hill towards her. I come up along side her and check if she was still breathing. I turn her over and lay her on her back and see something that takes me off guard. She has a smile sown on her face and a clock sown into her eye. As i saw the blood crawling down her head my mind jumpstarts into action. I slide my arms out of the sleeves of my hoodie and wrap the whole thing around her. I pick her up bridal style and carry her all the way to my truck. I lay her in the back seat and hop into the driver seat and drive strait home.

    I pull up in my driveway and park the truck as close to the backdoor as I can. I run up the steps to the door and open it. I run to the front of my house and grab a big back with the air matters stuffed in it. I run down the stairs to my basement and i pull the air matters and plug it in and leave it on as i run to the basement door. I run back to the jeep and the girl is still out so i pick her up and take her to the basement and lay her down on the bed. I go to the car and grab the first aid kit in the back. I leave the kit on the table across from her i ran up to the top floor of the house and grab some bandages and other stuff that might need to help her.

    I take her jacket and shoes off before I do anything to help her. I put the medical supplies on the floor next too me. I dab some disinfectant on a towel and rub it on her wound she jumps at the towel making contact with her wound. I panic and repeatedly apologize to her intel i realize she is still out. I take the bandages and wrap it around her leg and seal it tight. I try to take a look at the wound on her head to see how bad it is but i cant see it. So i try too gently pick her up without disturbing her.

    I manage to get her too sit up long enough too see the wound. I don't know how to exactly treat the wound, so I wrap the bandage around the top of her. When I’m done i slowly lay her back on the bed.

    After i pick up the medical supplies again and place them all on the table. I pull up a one of the chairs near by. I place a blanket on her and then sit down. Now all i can do is sit and wait for her to wake up before I do anymore for her. I pull up my phone and set it on shuffle the first song that comes up is “Nine lashes- anthem of the lonely”.

    For about the next hour and a half I watch her sleep as my music plays in the background. I stand up from the table picking up my phone still playing music and I check on her. She breathes calmly as she lays silently in the bed. I take the blanket that and pull it back on her. As I grab the blanket I see her eyes open as she shoots up from the bed. I fall back and hit my head on the chair.

“Ow dammit!”

    She tries to get out of the bed with her hurt leg first. I rush to my feet and get next to the bed before she could stand up. As i get close too her she reaches out and puts one of her hands around my neck. I stare into her bright green eye as i try to speak to her.

    In a muffled voice “ You shouldn't move you’ll hurt yourself more if you move.”

    She continues to glare at me with her bright green eye staring at me with a angered expression on her face. She tries too stand up but when she does the wound in her leg causes her pain. As she reacts to the pain she lets go of my throat as she falls too the ground. I cough violently while she holds her leg in pain. She tries too stand up again as i catch my breath. As she is about to put pressure on her wounded leg I react.

    “No don’t!”

    She stops mid motion and stares at me with a shocked expression.

    “You’ll hurt yourself more if you move on that leg especially with the wound on your head.”

    I walk to her as gently as i can with the hope she doesn’t try to kill me again. She looks at me with a skeptical look on her face. When I get close to her i try not to make any sudden movements to her. Both out of fear and cause I’m nervous as all hell. She still stares at me with a skeptical. I reach down slowly and put one arm under her legs and the other arm to her back and left her off the ground. As I lift her off the ground she has a shocked expression on her face. I lay her back on the bed as slowly and gently as I can.

    “See not trying to do anything stupid I’m just trying to help you.”

    She answers back with the surprise still on her face. “Why”.

    “Well I saw everything that happened and when you got hurt i relived you needed help, so I helped you and thats that.

    “Ok but if you saw what happened then why did you help me?”

    “ I have my reasons. Here let me go make you something to eat and then I’ll tell you whatever you want.” 

    With that said i go upstairs into the kitchen and think of something to cook. I decide to make a simple omelet for her. When I finish cooking it I slide it on a plate and pull a knife and a fork out of the cabinet. I walk down with all the stuff in hand and see her lying on the matters staring up at the ceiling.

    “Oh sorry, I huh probably should have asked if you wanna watch T.V or listen to music or something.”

    She turns her head slightly towards me as I speak. 

    “Umm I cooked you a omelet I’m not sure if you wanted cheese or meat so sorry if it’s just a plain old omelet.”

    She sits up from the bed as I hand her the plate with the fork and knife first. I half expected her to take the knife and take a swing at me but she didn’t. She just lays the plate on her lap and starts eating the omelet. I open my laptop so it doesn’t like I'm just watching her like a creeper. There is a awkward silence with only the sound of the fork making contact with the plate. When she finishes it I go and take the plate this time expecting her to attack with the knife this time. But i play along with her even if she’ll kill me.

    When i reach for the plate she grabs my arm and pulls me on to the matters she sits on my stomach and presses the knife against my neck.

    “Now tell me why you doing all of this for me!? Why are you helping me!? Why are you being so nice to me!?”

    “Because you needed help so I helped you. Is there really a problem with that?”

    “You saw what i did, so why would you help a killer?”

    “Like I said you need help so I helped you.”

    “Then how about I kill you mister do-gooder.”

    With a blank expression on my face i tell her.

“Ok then do it if you want to. Cause you can if you want to kill me i won’t hold it against you. If you did it you probably be doing me a favor.”

    She seems taken aback to my words.

    “And didn't I tell you not too move your leg you’ll hurt yourself more if you keep moving around like that. So please be more attentive to your wounds before you do anything like that.”

    She changes her emotion to a annoyed or a irritated expression. She takes the knife away from my neck and moves off my stomach. When she gets her legs back on the bed i grab the plate and take it to the kitchen up stairs. I come backdown seeing that she is still facing the opposite direction of me. I walk to the table i was sitting at and pick up the tv remote. I walk to her and hand her the remote.

“Here, watch whatever you want.”

    She takes the remote and turns on the tv. The first channel she goes to is the news. Nothing really important comes up just a bunch of bullshit. I think she was looking for a report on her kills.

“I don’t think you'll find any news about your kills.”

    She turns to me as i speak.

“This place is small so your probably not going to see you make the tv news spot. Probably the newspaper if they find the bodies soon. Cops will probably be on alert for suspicious activity for three maybe four days. Thats plenty of time for you to heal and continue your life.”

    She raises a eyebrow at my last statement.

“And what life would that be?

“ Well, whatever you plan to do next when your leg heals enough to walk again. You can kill me and go wherever you want to go.”

“And what if I just kill you now?”

“You could but kill me now and leave and I wouldn't hold it against you. It is your choice to make as it is my choice to help you.”

“And makes you think I need or even want your help.”

“That’s true you may not need my help or want it. But I’m going to help you none the less I’m just that kind of guy. Besides I how can i be a man of my word if I break my promise now.”

    She has a confused look on her face.

“What promise are you talking about?”

“What? Oh sorry I thought i said that in my head, just forget about that last bit.”

    An awkward feeling came over me as she continued to give me a confused look. But after a few seconds passed she just turns back to the t.v. I grab a book I had on the countertop “Good poetry” I go through the romantic section. 

    A hour passes when I realize that she has not asked to use the bathroom. In a thought I feel like she might be embarrassed to ask but I guess I’ll do it for her.

“Umm… do you need to use the bathroom by any chance?”

    I see her shoulders tense up and shoot up high as I hear a squeak leave her lips.

“W-well if thats the case l..let me help you to the bathroom.”

    When I reach for her she grabs my wrist and twists it with a face both of disgusted and embarrassed look on her face.


“Help me so you can take a peek at me? No thank you. I can go to the bathroom on my own, you pig!”

    As she tries to put more force against my wrist I swing myself free and wrap her own arm around her front.

“Can you please not try to hurt me every time I try to do something helpful? And I’m not a pig, I just don’t want you to hurt your leg. And besides, I was just going to let you in and leave you to your business.”

    I let her go so she won’t struggle and hurt herself.

“Now how do you want to be taken upstairs?”


“Yeah the bathroom is upstairs on the second floor. So here let me carry you upstairs.”

    She gives me an annoyed look across her face.

“Hey, I would piggyback you up the stairs but with my height you’d hit your head on the celling. And I cant carry you like a bride up the stairs cause that would make it difficult to keep you safe and even harder to move upstairs. So give me your arm and I’ll tow you up the stairs.”

    With a irritated face she gives me her arm and takes it over my shoulders.

“Ok here we go.”

  I carry her up the stairs. We make our way up the second staircase. When we reach the bathroom I let her go in alone. I go into my bedroom which unfortunately is next to the bathroom.

    I sit at my desk and wait for the flush of the toilet. Once I hear the flush I get up and walk to the bathroom door and knock.

“You done in there?”

    She answers back “Yeah I’m done.”

“Ok I’m coming in.”

    I open the door and see her washing her hands in the sink.

“Ok since you’re done let me help you into the next room.”

    She turns to me “Next room?”

“Yeah my parents bedroom is around the corner. It’ll be better then having to bring you to the basement and back up the stairs every time you need to use the bathroom.”

    I take her arm over my shoulder again and tow her to the bedroom.

“See, a nice big bed for you to rest till your leg heals. Now i’m going to clean the basement. Call if you need me.”

    She looks at me before i enter the hallway.”Whats your name?”


“Your name. I can’t call you if I don't know your name dumbass.”

“Right…do you want my real name or a name to call me by?

She has a confused face for a second.

“How about you just call me Train.”


“Yeah just call me Train.”

“That is a really stupid name.”

“Maybe but it probably doesn’t matter if you know my name or not. Besides it probably works for you too not to tell me your name.”

“Ok whatever.”

She turns away from me and faces the other side of the bed. I leave her to rest so I can clean the basement.

Twisted Clocks (Clockwork x OC)
This is a creepypasta fanfic I've been working on for the past months trying to get out of my writers block so if anyone actually reads this or wants my do do more im more then willing to push myself to make more chapter 2 soon.
just really trying to get my head together before i put up any more of my really bad writing
I am a husk... a shell without a soul. My life is built on regrets. Pain and anger is the only emotion I've ever known. I've hurt people who have gotten close to me and killed thousands in the name of a self proclaimed justice. And all it proves is that I'm a monster a heartless being. A self proclaimed hero who fights for a false line of justice. The world I once loved is now my prison. I will forever be bound to this purgatory till the end.


United States
Just some idiot



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